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1 on 1 Phone/1 on 1 Visio and Group Visio

We follow the general curriculum with the levels described by the common European Framework of Languages CEFR or CEF, and use the six recommended reference levels, from A1 to C2.

Each lesson can be taken individually; our trainer will pick lessons with themes that are of interest to the student to let them experience a great learning moment.

The lessons can also be taken as a module; with several levels of tests in order to measure the student’s progress and validate their knowledge.

As we are making a clear difference between real beginner and false beginner, we also developed an additional level that can be considered as A0. These specific modules are built to provide the basics to real beginner with very few exposures to the English language.

  • General Module + Test Refined Module A0/Survival
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Special Classes

Commonly requested by professionals, individually or per group, it can be delivered through both phone and visio-conference.

It aim to train specific skills such as:

– Negotiation
– Phoning
– Presentation
– Business Writing

This particular service is beneficial for corporate clients. The curriculum provides them with the basis for the requested skills, and an extended practice period to perfect their skills.

It is adapted to the needs of professionals willing to improve their skills in order to boost their performance, and open new perspectives.

These special classes are adapted to profiles such as Regional Manager, expatriate or willing to go abroad, C level managers.

  • Phoning,Negotiation and Presentation.
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Test Preparation

Studying to obtain a professional qualification recognized by global organizations, we can assist them in the time consuming preparation before they can take their test with your Language Center.

VisioEnglish will assist you to provide the test preparation to your students on your behalf. This will free your existing teachers’ time, so they can focus on higher demand services, such as group classes, face-to-face, etc..

Test preparation can include:

– Review
– Reading & Speaking
– Placement test

Adapted to students and professionals, this service helps optimize their preparation before a test and avoid any waist of time and motivation. It can also assist in managing their stress before taking any type of test.

  • Review/Test, prep Reading & Speaking ( TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS)
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Extended Practice

It is often use prior to a level test. Each student having their own learning pace, the initial number of lessons or hours might, sometimes, not be enough for the student to validate a level.

At this stage, it is more beneficial for the student to extend the lessons based on the trainers advises prior to take a level test.

Each practice will depends on the students level – based on the Language center curriculum or ours.

In addition, we can also provide simulation as further practice for the students, such as role-play. Theses type of exercises provide the perfect setting for the students, as it project them in a real life situation where they will have to apply their learning.

VisioEnglish can come up with 3-4 simulation/day. Extended practice is adapted to all type of learners, students and adults.

  • Per level – based on your lessons, VE can come up with 3-4 simulation/day
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